Christopher Kirubi

Christopher Kirubi is a poet and artist who uses the mutability ofimages, objects and text to negotiate the limits of sexuality, gender, race and desire.

Pronouns: They/Them
Practice: Poet
Location: London

How do you determine success?

I think the way I determine success personally would be to be in a place where I’m working towards materialising things that I have a desire to see in the world. To be doing it in a way that is in some way mutual and has a flow of energy that I’m putting into the world and the people that I care about that is also coming back like a cycle. These things somehow uplifting things I think are important and healing to the world, also dismantling and breaking down and looking towards the end of oppressive and violent structures and dynamics. I think if I can be in a position like that I feel like I’m working towards a successful place.

Tell us about a creative (queer POC) the world should be paying attention to.

I think the world should be paying more attention to Ain Bailey, she is an artist and DJ whose work and warmth has really continued to inspire me.

What do you want to convey to the rest of the world?

What I would like to defend in the world is the position of vulnerability or the place where especially as a queer black person I can move through the world honouring the knowledge that I think is held just in my body and in my emotions. I think that’s what I’d like to convey to the world.