Georgia Lucas-Going

But call me G

Georgia Lucas-Going is an artist from Luton. Currently at the Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten on a two-year residency. Her practice exists in a range of mediums from installation to sculpture, performance and video art - her work confronts themes of stereotypes, power dynamics, also exploring humour and the everyday.

Pronouns: She/Her
Practice: Artist
Location: London/Amsterdam, born and raised in Luton

How does your city inform your practice?

After Luton and before Amsterdam i lived in London for 8 years. So i consider it home in a way (even though i think i will move around for a while). So even having a Queer POC scene was and still is exciting for me as it took me longer than most to find a community. I love London for that. My palette are people inc myself and semantics so often i just sit, watch, listen, feel and London is great for that. Shopping centres are great for this.

How have the cloud communities helped you?

First off I wish everyone a sense of community. It’s been vital not only for my work but for personal preservation and great memes.

3 words to describe how you see yourself.

Work in progress.

3 words to describe how you believe the world sees you.

Not as sensitive.

How do you determine success?

Being financially able enough to help my family when they need it. Being content. Being happy. Being able to do what i want.

Tell us about a creative queer POC the world should be paying attention to.

Ricky Wesley Harriott, not only like a brother to me but an undeniably talented fashion designer. Rosa Johan and Clotilde Jimenez.