Pronouns: She/Her

1. Practice: Fine Artist & Curator

2. Location: London & Midlands

Jade is a 3rd Generation Caribbean multidisciplinary Artist working mainly with Sound, Installation, Performance and Photography. She is interested in exploring representation and symbolism of the black body within the public sphere. Through the auditory and the visual, she investigates the relationship between history and the moment, between public and private, between architectural space and personal space.

How would you say London expresses itself?
Well I believe that London is its own world, it is the epitome of expression. With so much activity and communities, it never rests. It expresses itself by cultivating pockets of communities almost like an creative incubator and generator.

What do you want to convey to the rest of the world?
Emotion. That my existence is not singular or created within a vacuum. I want people to feel my presence- visibility and the performative nature of blackness is a big topic in my work. My Blackness, my gender, sexuality is shaped by societal perceptions, my surroundings communities, culture and a host of complex things. I guess I want to convey myself and what is happening in my communities and express that through a multi-discipline practice.

How do you determine success?
I think success is when you go ''yeah I did that ish!, thats me, thats us.'' When my community recognises my contribution and when strangers can connect with your work.

Tell us about a creative (queer POC) the world should be paying attention to. People should definitely know about Jade Blackstock.