Joy Miessi

Joy Miessi translates moments, conversations, feelings and intimate thoughts into mixed media art works. 

Pronouns: They/Them
Practice: Mixed media artist
Location: London

How does your city inform your practice?

I’m inspired by the city in many ways, the signage of shop fronts, the fashion trends and hairstyles...all these things inform my colour palette, my choice of material and what I write about. I visually respond to the environment that I find myself in.

How have cloud communities helped you?

They’ve helped me by sharing my work and recommending me for projects and commissions. They’ve supported my practice not only online but offline too by coming to exhibitions and buying prints. These gestures have allowed me to support myself, buy materials and make more artwork.

3 words to describe how you see yourself.

Creative, dreamer and in forever in progress.

3 words to describe how you believe the world sees you.

A phase, visible and also invisible.

How do you determine success?

For me, success is the point where the things I onced daydreamed about are real and that I’m able to create freely, be myself and feel safe.

Tell us about a creative queer POC the world should be paying attention to.

Brooklyn DJ and all round creative Fiveboi (@fiveboi).