‘mATTie LoYCe/
Pronouns: She/Her

1. Practice: Curator, Arts Organiser & Creative Producer

2. Location: London, Born and raised in California

Mattie Loyce, was born and raised in San Francisco, California. Her practice is deeply inspired by community building, expressive arts, sharing ancestral and contemporary histories, and organizing for healing and justice through the arts. She started her 'guerilla gallery', Project Mission Gallery, as a direct and mobile response to the underrepresentation of emerging PoC artists wishing the greater commercial art world.

How have the cloud/cloud communities helped you?
Especially within my Project Mission Gallery work, the cloud is where I have been able to find amazing artists and community organisers across the world. Sometimes it takes a while, but as someone who has travelled a decent amount - and whose work purposefully travels, this is what helps it survive and helps me connect with new people in places I may be visiting or have not visited yet.

What do you want to convey to the rest of the world?
Being true to yourself, and following your heart/gut is always the most important thing; and although finding out/practising how to listen to our gut can sometimes be a lifelong journey, gratefully that's what life is for.

How would you say California expresses itself?
I would say California is typically always laidback but noticeable (or distinct). With most the state living in the sun, by the ocean, in nature or all three – we have a chill and happiness to the end of our sentences and senses. We also have an extensive list of cultures, subcultures, and movements that began in our state – so whether it is intentionally or subconsciously there is often a natural tapping these rich histories within our self-expression. California is very large state in the US, that differs greatly from region to region – but we all hold tight to the quirky and unique understanding of being a Californian.