‘rEnE matIC/
Pronouns: She/Her

1. Practice: Visual Activist

2. Location: London

Rene Matić is a conceptual artist currently studying a BA in Fine Art at Central St Martins. Her work explores the intersections of her own identity as a queer womxn of colour, aiming to expose, combat and question power relations and structures within the art world and society more widely.

What do you find most inspiring about the art world right now?
Activists and allies are making it increasingly harder for problematic people to go unchallenged. This is creating more spaces and platforms for minorities forcing discourses around the elitist, exclusionary nature of the art world and forces it in directions where we take women, transgender, and non-binary artists practices seriously.

How have the cloud/cloud communities helped you?
The cloud enables me to have conversations with like-minded people that I have never been able to have before. It means that we can organize and unite. It brings power to our politics.

What do you want to convey to the rest of the world?
I want to make people aware... of their ignorance and of their involvement with our systems. You know when a dog pees inside the house so you have to take it back to the scene of the crime, point at it and tell them why they're naughty so they don't do it again? That's how I feel about the world (lol).

Tell us about a creative queer POC the world should be paying attention to.
Jemima Khalli, my dear friend and poet. She is teaching in Vietnam right now. You know one of those people who's eyes feel like home? That’s her.