rhEa dILLOn/
Pronouns: She/Her

1. Practice: Photographer & Filmmaker

2. Location: London

Photography, filmmaking, casting… Rhea’s work always strives to bridge the gap between the art and fashion world in the need for what is missing: positive and consistent representation of the PoC body. A member of BBZ, she uses her work to explore and establish the relationship between her personal journey and the rest of the world through issues of diversity within society, female empowerment and queer culture.

What do you find most inspiring about the art/world right now?
That young people of colour are finding their voices and are being themselves; unapologetically. It’s incredibly inspiring and beautiful to see people still scream and shout through such trying and testing times.

How have the cloud/cloud communities helped you?
Boy! The visibility the cloud communities bring to artists makes us stronger than ever. We don’t need establishments to back us up because your community has got you. Truly forget the system that didn’t ‘need’ us, we don’t want you either.

How would you say London expresses itself?
London can be problematic in the way in which it can so quickly glorify a person and then spit them out in a second. It’s a mass of energies and personal journeys. In such a city, it’s very important to keep hold of what you came to do in the first place. Express yourself first, and London will follow.

What do you want to convey to the rest of the world?
That black is always beautiful.