Shenece Oretha

Shenece Oretha, who lives and works in London, is a multidisciplinary artist and DJ (under her alias, ORETHA). Converging multichannel sound installations, performance, text, print and sculpture, Shenece’s focus is on polyvocality and listening as an embodied practice. She choreographs layers of music, voice, recordings and noise to shape moments of communion and ceremony.

Pronouns:She/ Her
Practice: Multi-Disciplinary Artist
Location: London

What do you want to convey to the rest of the world?

One of the things I’m trying to convey to the world right now is the importance of listening. That listening is something that we not only do with our ears but with our whole body. How do we listen to multiple voices? How do we hear, how do we feel more than one person at once? How do we take on the feelings, the thoughts and the words of others and doing that through creating polyvocal installations where people are talking about how they inhabit the world. The fact then that we can try and take on these people’s views of the world and maybe also how they envisage the world to be, how they want to recreate the world that we inhabit now.

How do you determine success?

To me success would look like or feel like surviving. That I was able to survive and also do what I love to do. To do this with some consistency and to do this regularly with others, with the people that I admire so much. That I wouldn’t be alone and that my community and my comrades are also surviving and thriving.