Tanoa Sasraku-Ansah

Born in 1995 and raised in Plymouth, Devon, Tanoa Sasraku-Ansah works with themes examining the intersection of her dual identity as a British-Ghanaian, her identity as a young, queer woman and the endeavour to draw these senses of self together as one in 21st century England.
Pronouns: She/ Her
Practice: Sculptor & Film Maker
Location: London

How do you determine success?

If my work was ever able to help a queer person, a person of colour or any combination of the two with the undoing of the sorts feelings of shame and repression I grew up feeling so strongly then that would be a determination of success for me

How have cloud communities helped you?

Cloud communities and by that I’m specifically referring to the family I formed on the Goldsmith fine arts course over the past few years has helped me beyond anything I could have imagined. The community that I found myself in there is dedicated to freeing each other 24/7, whether you’re in a studio, in a crit or at the pub and as a result I’ve not only come to accept myself but to be boldy proud of what I am and I’ve also become way less judgemental and scared of things that I don’t necessarily understand about other people.

How would you say London expresses itself?

London is fast and loud and rude and flamboyant and most of all accepting and I love the way she expresses herself.