Travis Alabanza

Travis Alabanza is a performer, writer and theatre maker. Their unique mixture of performance, poetry, style, political views and risk taking performances has given them a unique placement both nationally and internationally.In the last two years they have been noted by numerous publications, such as ARTSY, ID AND MOBO _AWARDS, as one of the most prominent emerging queer artistic voices, and also listed in OUT as an influential queer figure, appeared in campaigns with MAC X ASOS and performed across the country and internationally.

Pronouns: They/Them
Practice: Performer & Writer
Location: London

What do you find most inspiring about the art/world right now?

It’s seeing other black queer and trans creatives make their own rules, start their own things, run their own nights, boss their own publications and claim their own space. Being surrounded (URL AND IRL) by artists doing this always pushes me to stay to my roots and do the same.

How would you say London expresses itself?

London expresses itself the same way I do after eating too many different types of food quickly. Sometimes I feel sick, and sometimes I feel really good. London is mixed up. It has so many beautiful expressions, and so many horrible ones. I love the connected nature I have to the arts here, but also, going outside for me - as a trans person - in this city is dangerous. I long for a London that expresses itself more kindly to myself and other trans people.

How do you determine success?

Success is such a dangerous concept to obtain, it relies on so many other factors apart from talent or hard work (like privilege and access). Maybe redefining success to mean: are you doing the best you can right now, and are you being a good person whilst doing it?

Tell us about a creative (queer POC) the world should be paying attention to.

Malik Nashad-Sharpe. Hands down. Their work is revolutionary.