Rebekah Williams

Rebekah Williams is a Social documentary photographer, visual and social activist whose work seeks to explore social issues surrounding people of colour in today's world, often focusing on women. Williams continues to find new ways to create platforms for artists of colour whilst working to challenge the powers that restrict them both through her work and social action.

Pronouns: She / Her
Practice: Photographer
Location: Madrid

What do you want to convey to the rest of the world?

When it comes to my work and the kind of messages I’m trying to convey to the rest of the world it’s as simple as the fact that black culture and black bodies are beautiful and the culture is incredible, abundant and creative. We deserve to be viewed in a way that is nonstigmatised and nonsexualised which very rarely happens in the arts industry and in popular culture unless it is by a black person, a black artist, a person of colour that is trying to drive forward a much more positive representation of our culture and who we are as people. I think that there is so much to celebrate within the community that the outside world just doesn’t get to see. Even when we talk about this umbrella of POC we come in so many shapes and sizes and shades. We just all know that it’s our time to have our own platform and to show ourselves in the way we know we should be represented. It’s time to reclaim our time.